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    Jersey Ducati MIG-RR

    Constructed from an advanced poly-fabric 100% made in Italy that draws moisture away from the body while mesh inserts give high levels of breathability: the Ducati MIG-RR Jersey is perfect for keeping you comfortable on the trials.

                           S       M        L       XL     (cm)

    SLEEVE (3/4)    23      25       26      27      
    CHEST             43      45       49      50       
    SHOULDER       45      45       45      46       
    LENGHT           45      45       46      50       
    (from armpet)

    Price: € 65.00
  • Kit Battery Cover for 504Wh - Black/Red

    Battery Cover Red/Black with quick release system for 504Wh batteries, compatible with all MIG models.
    Price: € 54.00
  • Ducati MIG-RR Saddle

    MIG-RR Ducati powered by Thok red/black saddle
    Price: € 35.00
  • Kit Battery Cover for 504Wh - All Black

    Battery Cover All Black with quick release system for 504Wh batteries, compatible with all MIG models.
    Price: € 48.00
  • Ducati Chainstay protector

    MIG-RR Ducati powered by Thok Chainstay protector
    Price: € 25.00
  • Ducati MIG-RR grips

    MIG-RR Ducati powered by Thok black grips
    Price: € 23.00
  • Ducati Mig-RR Stem

    MIG-RR Ducati powered by Thok Stem - 45mm
    Price: € 65.00
  • Ducati MIG-RR Steering's cap and screw

    Ducati powered by Thok MIG-RR Steering's cap and screw
    Price: € 7.00
  • Ducati Corse Water bottle

    Transparent Water bottle - Ducati Corse Logo
    Price: € 7.00
  • Waterbottle Scrambler Black edition

    Waterbottle all black - Logo Scrambler
    Price: € 7.50
  • THOK Stand - Inox

    Inox stand for ebikes - THOK logo
    Includes adapters for fixing on FSA cranks.
    Compatible with all ebike models.
    Price: € 81.00
  • Shock pump - THOK

    High Pressure Fork/Shock Pump (up to 300 psi) for your MIG's suspensions.

    Use it also for your MIG's seatpost!

    Price: € 30.00
  • Multi-tools THOK

    High tensile steel multi-tools with precise fit and finish, specifically dedicated to your THOK, to always bring with you all the tools you need.

       Hex: 2,5/3/4/5/6/8 mm

       Torx: 25/30/40

       Chain Breaker


    Price: € 24.99
  • Hanger set

    Hanger set compatible with all THOK models
    Price: € 23.50
  • Bottle cage

    Bottle cage black - left side opening
    Price: € 10.00
  • Skid plate

    Skid plate for MIG and MIG-R Black - Shimano Steps E8000 fit
    Price: € 22.00
  • Skidplate Shimano E7000

    Accessory: Skidplate + adaptors for Shimano E7000 motor (not compatible with MIG-HT models).
    Price: € 28.00
  • Shimano Steps Battery 504Wh

    Shimano Steps Battery BT-E8010C for Frame Mounting, 504Wh (36V).
    The ultra durable waterproof battery has an E-MTB dedicated low profile design.
    The high-capacity battery with superb reach and 504Wh offers a consistent recharge and is compatible with the Shimano E7000&E8000 E-MTB series.
    Weight 2650 g.

    Price: € 679.99
  • Kit 2X crank's screw FC-M582

    Crank's screw adapter for FSA crank, compatible with THOK Stand Inox
    Price: € 6.50


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